Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 SCCA Solo Nationals This Week! - Live Timing and Video Links

The 2012 SCCA Solo Nationals are here. My parents, Ali and I arrived in Lincoln, NE yesterday to setup our pits and get ready for the event. Today, my Dad and I each ran one test n' tune session each to get re-acquaint ourselves with the Lincoln surface and to tune the balance. I started off with adjusting rear spring rate and went to a stiffer rear spring to make the car rotate better mid-corner. I'm happy with the minor change and will be running this setup for the Solo Nats. My Dad is running one more test session tomorrow to get more seat time in the car before race day.

We are #99 (My Dad) and #199 (Me) in E Street Prepared class which runs on Tuesday (West Course) and Wednesday (East Course). We race during the 3rd heat which should start sometime between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The Solo Nationals is scored by combining your fastest time from each day (two different courses) - fastest overall driver wins and is crowned an SCCA National Champion!

See the links below for a schedule, live timing, and live video from the event. Follow along and root for the #99/199 Goodyear Eagle RS/ Camaro Z28 to take the National Championship in ESP!

2012 Solo Nationals Event Home Page:
Event Schedule:
Event Live Timing and Scoring:
Event Live Audio and Ustream Video:

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