Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ESP Camaro Spoiler Project Update

Measure....measure twice


 Check fitment

Make brackets and rivet to the Camaro

Spoiler mounted to Camaro minus support struts

Rear view of mounted spoiler

These are the Longacre spoiler supports that I will be using to support the top-side of the spoiler. As you can tell, the spoiler is way too tall. The blue line that can be seen drawn on the plastic is where I will be cutting the spoiler down to the 10" limit specified by the rules. This 10" maximum will be measured from the top of the trunk lid which will give me less usable height compared to some of my competitors due to my factory spoiler. Also, the spoiler looks weird because the plastic protecting film is still on the lexan. It will be nice and clear after I finish the project.

Thanks Josh and Lane for all the help!

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