Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Weekend Starting with Baseline Dyno Run on Saturday

Ali and I had a busy weekend this past Saturday. We left at 5AM from San Angelo driving the truck and the Camaro up to Dallas. I went straight to LG Motorsports in Wylie, TX for 3 baseline dyno pulls on the ESP Camaro before wedding meetings, picking up my new trailer (more details/pictures to come), and then autocrossing the Camaro on Sunday. As for the dyno, I wanted to run a quick check on the Camaro pre-season to make sure the car was making adequate power and that there were no engine issues apparent from the horsepower/torque curves.

LG uses a Dynojet brand dyno. The Camaro's peak numbers were 340whp and 355wtq.  This peak values don't mean a whole lot since every dyno will read differently but the curves looked good and stacked up well to other LS1-powered cars that LG Motorsports had tested. Here is some GoPro video that I shot of two dyno pulls. For this video, I attached the suction cup GoPro mount to the shop so I didn't have to hold the camera....this mount has many uses!

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