Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Special Weekend in Austin....

I don't make many non-racing posts, but this one is important. This past weekend I took my girlfriend to Austin, TX for a getaway weekend and asked her to marry me on Saturday 2/12. Being the great guy that I am (cough..cough), she said yes and I couldn't be happier.

Ali and I met at the University of Virginia and have been dating for a little over 3 and half years (yes yes I know it took me a while...) and now live together in sunny San Angelo, Texas. She is the best girlfriend a racer could ask for. She helps me in the garage when needed, travels and even takes vacation days to come to the track with me, bought a pitbike (best purchase ever), and instead of complaining that I race too much, she encourages me to go after my dreams. Most importantly, she is always there to remind me that racing (aka my hobby) is supposed to be fun and shouldn't stress me out. When you are learning to maintain your own racecars, drive, and race, you lose a lot. It's part of the learning process...but it a lot easier to handle losing when you go home with the prettiest girl in the paddock.

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