Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lots to Learn from the 2010 Bondurant Driver Search Shootout

All of the Shootout Drivers and Judges

The 2010 Bondurant Driver Search ended last week and I had a blast participating in the school's first competition of this kind. I've been back home for about a week so sorry for the late post. Its been hectic catching up on work and boring non-racing stuff around the house that I've been ignoring for two months.

Anyway back to the shootout, I did not finish in the Top 3 so I did not bring any hardware back to Texas. Looking at the lap time results, I was 2nd fastest overall in the Corvettes on Day 1, but only 6th quickest in the Formula Mazdas on Day 2. I was about 1 second off the pace in the Mazdas and that ended my chances at winning. Despite this, it was a VERY positive experience and I learned a lot about how to develop my skills on and off the track to achieve my goal of racing professionally. I received excellent feedback on my driving from the Bondurant instructors and the shootout judges. Basically, I need to dig deep for the that extra couple percent, slide the car around more, carry more entry speed, and push hard for that last tenth in each corner.

Thanks to Alan Rudolph, Bob Bondurant, the Bondurant staff, and all of the shootout judges (Jeremy Shaw, Lyn St. James, Larry Pond, Neil Alberico, and Darren Law) for providing a great opportunity and learning experience for young racers!

EFCN Bondurant Shootout Article

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